Phat Tao-Hu Khaeng Kap Lai Phak
fried tofu with broccoli and bambushoots

250 gr tofu
600 gr broccoli
200 gr white cabbage
3 shallots
250 gr bambushoots
1 chinese cabbage
200 gr beansprouts
1 tsp salt
3 tbsp light chinese soysauce
1 tbsp palmsugar
2 tbsp cornflour
3 tbsp water
100 ml water
4 tbsp oil

2 tsp black pepper

Slice the white cabbage fine and the broccoli in pieces. Cut the tofu into small cubes. Cut the shallots and the bambu into slices. Cut the chinese cabbage into large chunks. Heat in a wok 2 tbsp of oil and fry the tofu golden brown and put it on a plate. Add the oil and fry the shallots for 1 minute. then addi the bambu and the broccoli and fry it for 3 minutes. Add the water, the kecap, the palmsugar and the salt. When the vegetables are nearly cooked then add the cabbages. Mix the cornflout with the water and add it. Add the tauge and the tofu and let it simmer for 3 minutes. Sprinkle the pepper on top and serve.

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